Welcome to the Abbey Federation. We are a group of business owners and entrepreneurs based in Florida. We have formed this club to discuss business, exchange ideas and experiences and seek business opportunities. We meet once every week so that we share the updates about different news and issues about the business world.

We started the club seven years back with only a member of four entrepreneurs. Later, we invited others we know to join us. Now, our club has grown, and we have a total of 60 members. Every week, we book a venue where we have lunch together and have a business discussion for the whole day. We share practical experiences so that the other members can learn. We seek advice from others if we are going through any business turmoil. There have been lots of cases that members of our club had formed a partnership and expanded their business.  It is a wonderful opportunity to build a business network. So, if you are an established business owner or an entrepreneur, you can join our club.