Considering a Metal Building for Your Project

In today’s expanding economy many owners and investors are needing to grow their operations and provide new structures for a strip mall, manufacturing facility, office complex, agricultural building, or warehouse. Pre-engineered metal I-Beam buildings are being selected, more and more, because of the speed of erection, quality, and durability of the structures. There are some considerations that need to be addressed, however, before investing in any metal building.

The first item to investigate is the particular building codes that are applicable at your proposed building project site. In general, look to more building purchase expense in the north due to snow loads, in Florida due to high wind loads, and California and South Carolina because of seismic activity.  Most of the metal building industry abides by standards that allow their pre-engineered structures to meet or exceed local building code standards. The proper drawings of your intended structure must be acquired to gain the necessary building permits. Inquire into whether the company will furnish the required permit drawings or if you need to hire an architect for blueprints. Find out how long this process will take and what can be done if your building requires some design change to meet code. Having a full service metal building company that is capable of doing all of the Engineer Certified Drawings and Anchor Bolt Plans for your foundation will save you time and money.

Dealing with a full-service metal building manufacturer or supplier allows you to deal with a company that can provide you with a lot of services that do not have to be out-sourced by you. If you looking for Metal welding? No need to go any where else Attard Engineering will provide you best service. Most of these companies can provide you with full design services, technical and engineering help, and the ability to abide by any manufacturing specifications. Some suppliers will use multiple factories to ship from, but each plant will be responsible for its own set of components to complete your building. Multiple factory locations also allow you to pick a plant location that is closer to your area and help to reduce transportation costs. Do not choose a company that will use a number of trucks from various factories to deliver your building. All of the components may not match and there is no guarantee that all trucks will arrive at your work site on time and complete. Support from the numerous factories, if trouble arises, can be spotty and erection delays costly.

The complexity of the design of your building will be a large factor in determining the delivery time of your building – anywhere from five weeks to seven months or more. Planning your project well in advance is the key. This will help with allowing enough time for permitting, planning, fabrication, and delivery of your purchase.

It is strongly recommended that you hire a qualified erector to assemble your building. If, however, you insist on putting the building up yourself make sure that the structure will be completely pre-engineered so that there is no cutting or welding required. Also, make sure that a strong customer service staff is available to help with any problems in the construction process.

Pre-engineered metal buildings can save you time and money when purchased correctly. Do your research thoroughly before deciding on one company.

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